TGB Blade 250 ATV Quad Service Repair Manual, Page 25Get this manual

TGB Blade 250 ATV Quad Service Repair Manual, Page 25

2MAINTENANCE INFORMATION Periodical Maintenance Schedule Maintenance Code Item Air cleaner Fuel filter Oil filter Engine
adjustment Replacement Lubrication Cleaning (replaced if necessary) Have your ATV checked, adjusted, and recorded maintenance
data periodically by your TGB Authorized Dealer to maintain the ATV at the optimum condition The above maintenance schedule
is established by taking the monthly 1000 kilometers as reference which ever comes firstRemarks: 1Clean or replace the air
cleaner element more often when the ATV is operated on dusty roads or in the Heavily- polluted environment2Maintenance should
be performed more often if the ATV is frequently operated in high speed and after the ATV has accumulated higher mileage3Preventive
maintenance aIgnition systemPerform maintenance and check when continuous abnormal ignition, misfire, after-burn, overheating