TGB Blade 250 ATV Quad Service Repair Manual, Page 26Get this manual

TGB Blade 250 ATV Quad Service Repair Manual, Page 26

2MAINTENANCE INFORMATION Fuel Lines the seatoosen screws and bolts Remove the tank cover Check all lines, and replace it
from the air cleaner cover and then remove the coverLoosen the clamp strip and screw of air cleaner element, and then remove
the air cleaner elementClean the element with non-flammable or high-flash point solvent and then squeeze it for drv Caution
Never use gasoline or acid organized solvent to clean the elementSoap the element into cleaning engine oil and then squeeze
it outInstall the element onto the element seat and then install the air cleaner cover Spark Plug Recommended spark plug:
CR8E Remove spark plug capClean dirt around the spark plug holeRemove spark plugMeasure spark plug gapSpark plug gap0.8 mm
Carefully bend ground electrode of the plug to adjust the gap if necessaryHold spark plug washer and install the spark plug
by screwing itTighten the plug by turning 112 turn more with plug socket after installedTighten torque: 1.0-1.2kgf-m Central