2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 13Get this manual

2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 13

VISCOSITY CHART ENGINE OIL TEMP F 10W-40 5W-30 ATV-0049 -30 -20 -10 10 20 30 40 -22 -4 14 32 50 68 86 104 RECOMMENDED FRONT
not over-flow gasoline when filling the gas tankA fire hazard could materializeAlways allow the engine to cool before filling
the gas tank Tighten the gas tank cap securely after filling the tank ! CAUTION Any lubricant used in place of the recommended
lubricant could cause serious front differentialrear drive damageFILLING GAS TANK ! WARNING Do not over-fill the gas tank
! WARNING Always fill the gas tank in well-ventilated areaNever add fuel to the ATV gas tank near any open flames or with
the engine runningDO NOT SMOKE while filling the gas tank Genuine Parts When replacement of parts is necessary, use only