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2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 32

Fig2-58 KEY 1Engine Oil Pump 2Driven Gear 3Pin 4Circlip 5Cap Screw 6Strainer 7Cap Screw 8Cap 9O-Ring 10Cap Screw 11Drain
the engine drain plug and tighten to 2.2 kg-m (16 ft-lb)Pour 3.9 (4.1 U.Sqt) of the recommended oil in the filler hole; then
install the filler plug ! CAUTION Any oil used in place of the recommended oil could cause serious engine damageDo not use
oils which contain graphite or molybdenum additivesThese oils can adversely affect clutch operationAlso, not recommended
are racing, vegetable, non-detergent, and castor-based oils CC442DA 9Start the engine (while the ATV is outside on level
ground) and allow it to idle for few minutes10Turn the engine off and wait approximately one minuteRecheck the oil level
in the engine oil inspection windowThe oil level should be visible through the windowIf oil is not visible, add recommended