2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 49Get this manual

2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 49

CRANKSHAFT (cont) Oil Pump Reduction Ratio Oil Pressure at 60C (140F) 3000 RPM (above) (below) 1.45 (2920) kgcm (18 psi)
(fiber) Tab Driven Plate (warpage) Clutch Spring Length Clutch Wheel Inside Diameter Starter Clutch Shoe Clutch Engagement
Clutch Lock-Up Primary Reduction Ratio Secondary Reduction Ratio Final Reduction Ratio Secondary-Transmission Reduction Ratio
Gear Ratios (min) (min) (max) (min) If the technician's objective is to servicereplace left-side cover oil seals (3), front
output joint oil seal (1), rear output joint oil seal (1), andor the oil trai ner (from beneath he engine transmission),
the enginetransmission does not have to be removed from the frame 1Lift the seat lock lever and remove the seat2Disconnect
the battery by removing the negative cable first and then the positive cableFig3-1 (front) (rear) (low) (high) (1st) (2nd)
(3rd) (4th) (5th) (reverse) Shift Fork To Groove (side clearance) Secondary Transmission Fork (max) to Groove (side clearance)