2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 66Get this manual

2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 66

Top-Side Components NOTE: For efficiency, it is preferable to remove and disassemble only those components which need to
the valve coverAccount for the cylinder head plugNote the location of two alignment pinsNOTE: If removing the valve cover
only, the two crews wrubber washers next to the compression release lever do not have to be removedFig3-93 Removing Top-Side
Components (250300 cc) AValve Cover BCylinder Head NOTE: Remove the spark plug and timing inspection plug; then using the
recoil starter, rotate the ra nk haft to top-dead-center of the compression strokeFig3-91 Fig3-94 1Remove the cap screws
securing the two tappet covers; then remove the coversAccount for the O-rings 3Loosen the cap screw on the end of the chain