2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 79Get this manual

2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 79

Fig3-153 Measuring Rocker Arm Shafts (Outside Diameter) 1Using micrometer, measure the outside diameter of the rocker arm
If the painted end is not visible, install the ends of the springs with the closest coils toward the headFig3-156 1Remove
all carbon from the valves2Lubricate each valve stem with light oil; then apply small amount of valve lapping compound to
the entire seating face of each valve3Attach the suction cup of valve lapping tool to the head of the valve4Rotate the valve
until the valve and seat are evenly polished5Clean all compound residue from the valve and seatMeasuring Rocker Arms (Inside
Diameter) ATV1011 1Using dial calipers, measure the inside diameter of the rocker arm2Acceptable inside diameter range is
12.000-12.018 mm (0.472-0.473 in3-34 NOTE: The 250 cc has only the larger spring 4Place spring retainer over the valve springs;