2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 138Get this manual

2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 138

2Drive plate thickness must be minimum of 2.42 mm (0.094 in for the 250300 cc, 2.62 mm (0.103 in for the 400 cc, and within
both directions, the drive assembly must be replacedMEASURING CLUTCH SPRING LENGTH 1Using calipers, measure the overall free
length of the clutch springFig3-486 INSPECTING STARTER CLUTCH SHOE 1Inspect the starter clutch shoe for uneven wear, chips,
cracks, or burns2Inspect the groove on the shoe for wear or damage3If any damage to the shoe or any groove wear is noted,
the shoe must be replacedFig3-485 2Overall length must be minimum of 27.5 mm (1.08 in for the 250300 cc and 33.7 mm (1.33
in for the 400500 ccINSPECTING OIL PUMP 1Inspect the pump for damage2It is inadvisable to remove the screw securing the pump
halvesIf the oil pump is damaged, it must be replacedFig3-487 ATV1014 INSPECTING STARTER CLUTCH HOUSING 1Inspect the starter