2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 200Get this manual

2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 200

4Install the vent hose; then fill the gas tank with gasoline5Turn the gas tank valve to the ON position and inspect for leakage6Install
the indicator is pointed directly at the position desiredREMOVINGINSPECTING 1Remove the gas hose from the valve by releasing
the spring clamp2Remove the two screws securing the valve; then remove the valveAccount for the gasket3Inspect the gasket
and valvetank mating surfaces for damage or deterioration4Inspect for and remove any obstructions in the valveINSTALLING
1Place the valve and gasket into position on the tank and secure with the screws2Install the gas hose onto the valve with
the spring clamp733-733A ! WARNING Never leave the valve in the ON or RES position when the engine is not running GasVent
Hoses Replace the gas hose every two yearsDamage from aging may not always be visibleDo not bend or obstruct the routing