2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 202Get this manual

2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 202

REMOVINGDISASSEMBLING Oil Pump NOTE: Whenever internal engine components wear excessively or break and whenever oil is nathe
all oil-pump components2Inspect the rotors for scoring and gouges3Inspect the alignment pin for damage4Inspect the pump housing
and cover for cracks or damageASSEMBLINGINSTALLING 1Place the rotors into the pump housing making sure the alignment pin
is in the groove of the rotor2Place the cover onto the pump housing3Secure the pump with the Phillips-head screw coated with
Red Loctite #2714Install the oil pump into the engine (see Right-Side Components in Section 3) 400500 cc KEY 1Engine Oil
Pump 2Driven Gear 3Pin 4Washer 5Circlip 6Cap Screw 7Strainer 8Cap Screw 9Cap 10O-Ring 11Bolt 12Filter 13Drain Plug 14Gasket
15Oil Relief Valve Assy 16Oil Filter Union Testing Oil Pump Pressure NOTE: The engine must be warmed up to operating temperature
for this test 1Connect the Arctic Cat Engine Tachometer (pn 0644-275) to the engine2Connect the Oil Pressure Gauge (pn 0444-039)