2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 324Get this manual

2000 Arctic Cat ATV Factory Service Manual, Page 324

Problem: Engine will not start or is hard to start (Compression too low) Condition 1Valve clearance out of adjustment 2Valve
(Excessive valve chatter) Condition 1Valve clearance too large 2Valve spring(s) weak broken 3Rocker arm rocker arm shaft
worn 4Camshaft worn Remedy 1Adjust clearance 2Replace spring(s) 3Replace arm shaft 4Replace camshaft Remedy 1Clean plug 2Replace
magneto 3Replace CDI unit 4Clean jets 5Adjust clearance Remedy 1Adjust clearance 2Repair replace guides 3Adjust valve timing
4Replace rings 5Replace rebore cylinder 6Tighten plug 7See Electrical in this section Remedy 1Clean replace plug 2Clean dry
plug 3Replace magneto 4Replace CDI unit 5Replace ignition coil 6Replace high tension lead Remedy 1Clean vent hose 2Replace