2001 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 46Get this manual

2001 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 46

3To bleed the brake system, use the following procedureARemove the cover and fill the master cylinder to the maximum line
brake fluid onlyIf brake fluid must be added, care must be taken as brake fluid is very corrosive to painted surfaces CRemove
the protective cap, install one end of clear hose onto one FRONT bleeder screw, and direct the other end into container;
then while holding slight pressure on the brake lever, open the bleeder screw and watch for air bubblesClose the bleeder
screw before releasing the brake leverRepeat this procedure until no air bubbles are presentFig2-93 ! WARNING Using the Operator's
Manual as guide, instruct the customer on the proper use, care, burnishing procedure, and maintenance of the hydraulic brake
systemINSPECTING HOSES Carefully inspect the hydraulic brake hoses for cracks or other damageIf found, the brake hoses must
be replacedCHECKINGREPLACING PADS The clearance between the brake pads and brake discs is adjusted automatically as the brake
pads wearThe only maintenance that is required is replacement of the brake pads when they show excessive wearCheck the thickness