2001 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 204Get this manual

2001 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 204

Fig3-745 EWhile holding the valve adjuster handle in place, rotate the valve adjuster dial counterclockwise until proper
be installed whenever servicing the ATV 29In crisscross pattern starting from the center and working outward, tighten the
cap screws securely30Adjust valvetappet clearance using the following procedureNOTE: Use Valve Clearance Adjuster (pn 0444-078)
for this procedure ATurn the engine over until the piston reaches top dead center on the compression strokeBPlace the valve
adjuster onto the jam nut securing the tappet adjuster screw; then rotate the valve adjuster dial clockwise until the end
is seated in the tappet adjuster screwCWhile holding the valve adjuster dial in place, use the valve adjuster handle and
loosen the jam nut; then rotate the tappet adjuster screw clockwise until friction is feltDAlign the valve adjuster handle
with one of the marks on the valve adjuster dial 1From the right side, place the enginetransmission into the frame making
sure it is properly positioned in the frame with the front and rear driveshafts properly aligned2Slightly raise the front