2001 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 279Get this manual

2001 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 279

3Place the fan blade with shaft pin onto the motor and secure with the left-hand-threaded nut (threads coated with blue Loctite
REMOVINGDISASSEMBLING Fig4-135 KEY 1Case 2Cap Screw 3Gasket 4O-Ring 5Cap Screw 6Cap Screw 7Joint 8Shaft wBearing 9Pin 10Pump
Drive Seal 11Mechanical Seal 12Impeller 13Cap Screw 14Washer 15Gasket NOTE: Treat seals and O-rings with clean antifreeze
for initial lubrication 1Press the mechanical seal with pump drive seal into the impeller by hand2Install the mechanical
seal assembly onto the water pump shaft and secure with the cap screw, washer, and gasketTighten the cap screw to 1.05 kg-m
(7.5 ft-lb)3Place the water pump case into position and secure with the three cap screwsNote the position of the long cap
screw from removal4Fill the cooling system (2.9 or U.Sqt) with antifreezeNOTE: While the cooling system is being filled,
air pockets may develop; therefore, run the engine for five minutes after the initial fill, shut the engine off, and then
fill the cooling system to 12 inabove the radiator core0732-311 1Drain the coolant 5Check the entire cooling system for leakage