2001 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 303Get this manual

2001 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 303

4Inspect the brush leads for cracks, wear, or frayingIf any of these conditions exist, replace with new brushes and brush
procedureAPlace the armature in the "growler BWhile holding metal strip on the armature, rotate the armature an entire revolutionIf
the metal strip vibrates at any point on the armature, the armature is shorted and must be replacedFig5-37 ! CAUTION Do not
use emery cloth to clean the commutator as emery particles will become imbedded in the brass commutator resulting in short
circuitUse only #200 grit sandpaper 8Inspect the commutator end of the armature for buildup in the groovesCarefully remove
any buildup by undercutting using thinly ground hacksaw bladeDo not undercut any deeper than the original groove which can
be seen by looking at the end of the commutator9Using caliper, measure the undercutMaximum undercut groove must be 0.2 mm
(0.008 inFig5-36 0725-653 12Inspect the ground brushes to make sure they are properly groundedUse multimeter and the following
procedureASet the selector to the OHMS positionBTouch the black tester lead to ground brushCTouch the red tester lead to