2003 Arctic Cat ATVs from 250cc to 500cc Service Manual, Page 16Get this manual

2003 Arctic Cat ATVs from 250cc to 500cc Service Manual, Page 16

3Remove the vent plugs; then (if necessary) fill the battery with distilled water to the upper level indicated on the battery4Trickle
is properly routed through and secured to the frame8Connect cables to the proper terminals: positive cable to the positive
terminal (+) and negative cable to the negative terminal (-)Connect the negative cable last 15 FAN 15 ACC CAUTION Always
replace blown fuse with fuse of the same type and rating Air Cleaner The air filter inside the air cleaner must be kept clean
to provide good engine power and gas mileageIf the ATV is used under normal conditions, service the filter at the intervals
specifiedIf operated in dusty, wet, or muddy conditions, inspect and service the filter more frequently CAUTION CLEANING
AND INSPECTING FILTER Connecting cables in reverse (positive to negative and negative to positive) can cause serious damage
to the electrical system CAUTION Failure to inspect the air filter frequently if the ATV is used in dusty, wet, or muddy
conditions can damage the ATV engine The main (30 Amp) fuse is located in fuse block on the frame near the right rear tire