2003 Arctic Cat ATVs from 250cc to 500cc Service Manual, Page 38Get this manual

2003 Arctic Cat ATVs from 250cc to 500cc Service Manual, Page 38

FrameWeldsRacks The frame, welds, and racks should be checked periodically for damage, bends, cracks, deterioration, broken
RPM, reducing load, and selecting an appropriate transmission gear can lower the temperature NOTE: Debris in front of the
engine (or packed between the cooling fins of the radiator on the 500 or packed between the oil cooler cooling fins on the
250300400) can reduce cooling capabilityUsing hose, pressure-wash the radiator (on the 500) or engine and oil cooler (on
the 250300400) to remove any debris preventing air flowCoolant Temperature Switch OFF to ON ON to OFF 115 (239 F)Approx 108
(226 F)Approx Hydraulic Hand Brake System CHECKINGBLEEDING The hydraulic brake system has been filled and bled at the factoryTo
check andor bleed the hydraulic brake system, use the following procedure 1With the master cylinder in level position, check
the fluid levelIt must be above the lower mark and below the upper mark 3Neutral Indicatorgreen light will illuminate when
the transmission is in neutral and the ignition switch is onThe light will go out when shifted into any gear other than neutral4Reverse