2003 Arctic Cat ATVs from 250cc to 500cc Service Manual, Page 268Get this manual

2003 Arctic Cat ATVs from 250cc to 500cc Service Manual, Page 268

Valve SeatGuide Servicing Flovv Chart 2Insert an intake valve seat pilot shaft into one of the intake valve guidesSlide the
valve stem with light oil; then Grinding Valve Seats NOTE: If the valve seat is beyond servicing, the cylinder head must
be replaced apply small amount of valve lapping compound to the entire seating face of each valve3Attach the suction cup
of valve lapping tool to the head of the valve4Rotate the valve until the valve and seat are evenly 1Insert an exhaust valve
seat pilot shaft into an exhaust valve guideSlide an exhaust valve seat grinding tool onto the pilot shaft; then using light
pressure on driver handle and deep socket, grind the exhaust valve seat until within specifications NOTE: Repeat procedure
on the remaining exhaust valve polished5Clean all compound residue from the valve and seat Measuring Rocker Arm (Inside Diameter)
1Using dial calipers, measure the inside diameter of the rocker arm2Acceptable inside diameter range is 12.000-12.018 mm
(0.472-0.473 inMeasuring Rocker Arm Shaft (Outside Diameter) 1Using micrometer, measure the outside diameter of the rocker