2003 Arctic Cat ATVs from 250cc to 500cc Service Manual, Page 278Get this manual

2003 Arctic Cat ATVs from 250cc to 500cc Service Manual, Page 278

Servicing Right-Side Components NOTE: Whenever part is worn excessively, cracked, damaged in any way, or out of tolerance,
always start with the original shims on the rear shaft 1Inspect the starter clutch housing for burns, marks, scuffs, cracks,
scratches, or uneven wear2If the housing is damaged in any way, the housing must be replacedINSPECTING PRIMARY ONE-WAY DRIVE
1Place the left-side crankcase cover onto the left -side crankcase half to prevent runout of the secondary transmission output
shaft2Install the secondary driven output shaft assembly onto the crankcase3Mount the indicator tip of the dial indicator
on the 1Insert the drive into the clutch housing2Rotate the inner race by hand and verify the inner race rotates only one
direction3If the inner race is locked in place or rotates both secondary driven bevel gear4While rocking the driven bevel
gear back and forth, note the maximum backlash reading on the gauge5Acceptable backlash range is 0.05-0.33 mm (0.002-0.013
inCorrecting Backlash NOTE: If backlash measurement is within the acceptable range, no correction is necessaryE u directions,