2003 Arctic Cat ATVs from 250cc to 500cc Service Manual, Page 308Get this manual

2003 Arctic Cat ATVs from 250cc to 500cc Service Manual, Page 308

NOTE: Support the connecting rod with rubber bands to avoid damaging the rod or install the Connecting Rod Holder (pIn 0444-006)
Left-Side Components sub-section AT THIS POINT Servicing Top-Side To service piston, see Components sub-sectionIf' AT THIS
POINT To service center crankcase components only, proceed to Removing Left-Side Components Left-Side Components NOTE: For
efficiency, it is preferable to remove and disassemble only those components which need to be addressed and to service only
those componentsThe technician should use discretion and sound judgmentIf' 2Remove the flange nut securing the starter cup
to the crankshaft; then remove the starter cupAccount for the O-ring inside the cup AT THIS POINT To service anyone specific
component, only limited disassembly of components may be necessaryNote the AT THIS POINT information in each sub-section
NOTE: The enginetransmission does not have to be removed from the frame for this procedure 3Put the shift lever into the
hi-range position and remove the circlip from the hilow range shift shaft; then remove the shift lever NOTE: It will be necessary