2004 650 Twin Arctic Cat ATV Service Manual, Page 5Get this manual

2004 650 Twin Arctic Cat ATV Service Manual, Page 5

General Specifications CARBURETOR Type Main Jet Slow Jet Pilot Screw Setting (turns) Jet Needle Needle Jet Idle RPM Float
0.35 kgcm (5 psi) 2.7 (8.9 ft) 24.6 (6.5 U.Sgal 2.7 (2.8 U.Sqt) 275 ml (9.3 fl oz) 250 ml (8.5 fl oz) 2.05 (2.17 U.Sqt) 87
Octane Regular Unleaded SAE 10W-40 SAE Approved 80W-90 Hypoid 28.8 mm (1.13 in DOT 12V5W27W 12V27W (2) Electric wManual Recoil
(Emergency) ELECTRICAL Spark Plug Type Spark Plug Gap Spark Plug Cap Ignition Coil Resistance MISCELLANY Gas Tank Capacity
(rated) Coolant Capacity Differential Capacity Rear Drive Capacity Engine Oil Capacity Gasoline (recommended) Engine Oil
(recommended) DifferentialRear Drive Lubricant Drive Belt Width (minimum) Brake Fluid TaillightBrakelight Headlight Starting
System Igniton Coil Peak Voltage (primaryCDI) 100+ volts (wire (+) to ground) Magneto Coil Resistance (trigger) 110-140 ohms
(blue to blackwhite) (charging) 0.33-0.49 ohm (black to black) Magneto Coil Peak Voltage (trigger) 3.6+ volts (blue to black