2004 650 Twin Arctic Cat ATV Service Manual, Page 21Get this manual

2004 650 Twin Arctic Cat ATV Service Manual, Page 21

TAILLIGHT-BRAKELIGHT To replace the taillight-brakelight bulb, use the following procedure1Remove the two screws and remove
be an average operating load on the ATV when adjusting the headlight aim Switches Each time the ATV is used, switches should
be checked for proper operationUse the following list for referenceAIgnition switch engine will startBEmergency stop switch
engine will stopCReverse switch reverse indicator light illuminatesDHiLo switch headlight beam bright and dimEBrake switches
rear brakelight illuminates 2Measure the distance from the floor to the mid-point of each headlight3Using the measurements
obtained in step 2, make horizontal marks on the aiming surface4Make vertical marks which intersect the horizontal marks
on the aiming surface directly in front of the headlights5Switch on the lightsMake sure the HIGH beam is onDO NOT USE LOW
BEAM6Observe each headlight beam aimProper aim is when the most intense beam is centered on the vertical mark cm (2 in below