2004 650 Twin Arctic Cat ATV Service Manual, Page 188Get this manual

2004 650 Twin Arctic Cat ATV Service Manual, Page 188

3Place the spring into position between the upper shift arm and shift lever; then making sure the O-rings are in place on
if the engine overheatsThe light should be off during normal operation ! CAUTION Speedometer (Electronic)Indicator Lights
NOTE: The indicator lights will illuminate for approximately one second when the ignition switch is rotated to the ON position
Continued operation of the ATV with high engine temperature may result in engine damage or premature wear NOTE: High engine
RPM, low vehicle speed, or heavy load can raise engine temperatureDecreasing engine RPM, reducing load, and selecting an
appropriate transmission gear can lower the temperatureNOTE: Debris in front of the engine (or packed between the cooling
fins of the radiator) can reduce cooling capabilityUsing hose, pressure-wash the radiator and the engine to remove any debris
preventing air flow 9Fuel Level Indicator Shows amount of gasoline in the gas tankWhen bottom portion flashes, 3.5 (0.92