2004 650 Twin Arctic Cat ATV Service Manual, Page 196Get this manual

2004 650 Twin Arctic Cat ATV Service Manual, Page 196

Problem: Secondary-transmission will not shift or shift back Condition Remedy 1Sliding dog brokenworn 1Replace dog 2Gearshift
adjustment 9Adjust float height 10Jets obstructed 10Clean jets 11Pilot screw setting improper 11Adjust pilot screw Problem:
Engine runs poorly at high speed Condition Remedy 1High RPM "cut out" against RPM limiter 1Shift into higher geardecrease
speed 2Valve springs weak 2Replace springs 3Valve timing out of adjustment 3Adjust timing 4Camsrocker arms worn 4Replace
camsarms 5Spark plug gap too narrow 5Adjust gap 6Ignition coil defective 6Replace ignition oil 7Float level too low 7Adjust
float height 8Air cleaner element obstructed 8Clean element 9Fuel hose obstructed 9Cleanprime hose Problem: Exhaust smoke
dirty or heavy Condition Remedy 1Oil (in the engine) overfilledcontaminated 1Drain excess oilreplace oil 2Piston ringscylinder