2004 650 Twin Arctic Cat ATV Service Manual, Page 201Get this manual

2004 650 Twin Arctic Cat ATV Service Manual, Page 201

Problem: Magneto overcharges Condition Remedy 1Internal battery short circuited 1Replace battery 2Regulatorrectifier resistor
on surfaces of cell plates) Condition Remedy 1Charging rate too lowtoo high 1Replace battery 2Keep electrolyte to prescribed
level 2Battery electrolyte excessiveinsufficient 3Charge batteryadd distilled water 3Specific gravity too hightoo low 4Battery
run-downdamaged 4Replace battery 5Electrolyte contaminated 5Rechargereplace battery Problem: Battery discharges too rapidly
Condition Remedy 1Electrolyte contaminated 1Replace battery 2Specific gravity too high 2Charge batteryadd distilled water
3Charging system (charging operation) not set 3Check magnetoregulatorrectifiercircuit properly connectionsadjust for specified
charging operation 4Cell plates overchargeddamaged 4Replace batterycorrect charging system 5Battery short-circuited 5Replace