2004 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 220Get this manual

2004 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 220

Cleaning and Inspecting W NOTE: Whenever part is worn excessivelyl cracked?or damaged in any way? replacement is necessary
the rope out of the handle; then untie the knot in the rope and remove the handleW NOTE: Do not remove the spiral spring
unless replacement is necessaryIt should be visually inspected in place to save timeIf replacement is necessary? follow steps
9-10 Remove the spiral sprlng from the case by llfting the spring end up and out,thel remainder of the spring with thumbs
and alternately release each thumb to allow the spring to gradually release from the caseUnwind the rope from the reel and
remove the rope 2.Insert the rope through the hole in the reel and tie knot in the end; then wrap the rope counterclockwise
around the reel leaving approximately 50 cm (20 in of rope free ofthe reel3 APPY low-temeraturegrease to the spring and hub
4Thread the end of the rope through the guide hole of the case; then thread the rope through the handle and secure it with
double knotInstall the protective cover into the handle5Align the inner hook of the spiral spring with the notch in the reel