2005 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 11Get this manual

2005 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 11

RECOMMENDED FRONT DIFFERENTIAUREAR DRIVE LUBRICANT Genuine Parts When replacement of parts is necessary, use only genuine
Level Arctic Cat recommends the following procedure to prepare the ATV for storage1Clean the seat cushion (cover and base)
with damp cloth and allow it to dry2Clean the ATV thoroughly by washing dirt, oil, grass, and other foreign matter from the
entire ATVAllow the to dry thoroughlyDO NOT get water into any part of the engine or air intake Since gasoline expands as
its temperature rises, the gas tank must be filled to its rated capacity onlyExpansion room must be maintained in the tank
particularly if the tank is filled with cold gasoline and then moved to warm area 3Either drain the gas tank or add Fuel
Stabilizer In 0638-165) to the gas in the gas tankRemove the air filter housing cover and air filterStart the engine and
allow it to idle; then using Arctic Cat Engine Storage Preserver In 0636-1771, rapidly inject the preserver into the air
filter opening for period of 10 to 20 seconds; then stop the engineInstall the air filter and housing coverDo not overflow