2005 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 408Get this manual

2005 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 408

INOTE: Whenever valve is out of tolerance, it must be replacedCleaningllnspecting Rocker Case I NOTE: If the rocker case
check camshaft clearance when resurfacing the rocker case Servicing Top-Side Components 3-354 3-354 Valve Assembly Piston
Assembly 3-358 CylinderCylinder Head Assembly 3-360 Servicing Left-Side Components 3-363 Recoil Starter 3-363 Servicing Right-Side
Components .3-363 Driven Pulley As 3-363 3-366 Drive Clutch Ass Servicing Center Crankcase Components 3-368 Crankshaft Assembly
3-368 Disassembling Output Drive Bevel 3-369 Gear Disas Gear Water or parts-cleaning solvent must be used in conjunction
with the wet-or-dry sandpaper or damage to the sealing surface may result Servicing Top-Side Components I NOTE: Whenever
part is worn excessively, cracked, or damaged in any way, replacement is necessary Removing Valves I NOTE: Keep all valves
and valve components as setNote the original location of each valve set for use during installationReturn each valve set
to its original location during installation VALVE ASSEMBLY 1Using valve spring compressor, compress the valve springs and