2005 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 461Get this manual

2005 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 461

4Start the engine and warm up to operating temperature; then attach tachometer and adjust the idle RPM to 1050-1150 RPMTurn
applicable) turn the gas tank valve to the ON position Carburetor (650 V-Twin) Whenever any maintenance or inspection is
performed on the fuel system during which there may be fuel leakage, there should be no welding, smoking, open flames, etc
in the area TROUBLESHOOTING 8Check for proper carburetor synchronization by attaching suitable vacuum gauges to the test
ports; then start the engine and increase the RPM above idleThe gauges should read within cmlHg (0.78 in.1Hg) of each otherTurn
the synchronization screw to equalize vacuum 1Drain float bowls into clean, clear containerLook for rust particles, water
droplets, or other contamination 2Momentarily turn the ignition switch to the ON positionFuel should resume flowing indicating
fuel supply to the carburetors is normal Do not leave ignition switch on as fuel will be pumped to the carburetors and spill
could occurI NOTE: Idle RPM must be reset any time the synchronization screw is adjusted 3Dispose of the drained fuel properly;