2005 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 493Get this manual

2005 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 493

Battery 6Place the battery into position in the ATV and secure; then connect the vent hose to the battery7Connect cables
cable R Limiter I NOTE: The ATV is equipped with CDI unit that retards ignition timing when maximum RPM is approachedWhen
the RPM limiter is activated, it could be misinterpreted as high-speed misfire Do not charge the battery while it is in the
ATV with the battery terminals connected 2Remove the vent plugs; then fill the battery with electrolyte to the UPPER level
indicated on the batteryINOTE: Electrolyte should be at room temperature before fillingDo not use water or any other liquid
to activate battery Testing Electrical Electrolyte is sulfuric acid solutionAvoid spillage and contact with skin, eyes, and
clothing 3Allow the battery to stand for 15-30 minutes after fillingElectrolyte level may fall during this timeRefill with
electrolyte to UPPER level line4Trickle-charge the battery at 1.4 amps for 8-10 hours5After charging, check electrolyte level
and fill with DISTILLED WATER as necessary; then install the vent plugsWash off acid spillage with water and dry the battery