2006 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 9Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 9

Break-In Procedure A new ATV and an overhauled ATV engine require "break-in" periodThe first 10 hours (or 200 miles) are
however, brief full-throttle accelerations and variations in driving speeds contribute to good engine break-inDuring the
break-in period (or whenever the brake pads are replaced), the hydraulic brake pads must be burnishedSlow disc-speed hydraulic
brakes must be properly burnished in order to achieve maximum stopping power1 NOTE: Do not be reluctant to heat up the brake
pads during the burnishing procedure After the completion of the break-in period, the engine oil and oil filter should be
changedOther maintenance after break-in should include checking of all prescribed adjustments and tightening of all fasteners
Gasoline Oil Lubricant RECOMMENDED GASOLINE The recommended gasoline to use is 87 minimum octane regular unleadedIn many
areas, oxygenates (either ethanol or MTBE) are added to the gasolineOxygenated gasolines containing up to 10 ethanol, methane,
or MTBE are acceptable gasolinesWhen using ethanol blended gasoline, it is not necessary to add gasoline antifreeze since