2006 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 21Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 21

7While holding the adjuster dial at the proper ValveTappet Clearance (Valve Adjuster Procedure) clearance setting, tighten
on them1 NOTE: Use Valve Clearance Adjuster (pln 0444-078) for this procedure 9Install the spark plug; then install the timing
inspection plug ValveTappet Clearance (650 V-Twin Feeler Gauge Procedure) To check and adjust valveltappet clearance, use
the following procedure1 NOTE: The seat, air filter housing, front fenders, front inner covers, and side panels must be removed
for this procedure 3Place the valve adjuster onto the jam nut securing the tappet adjuster screw; then rotate the valve adjuster
dial clockwise until the end is seated in the tappet adjuster screw While holding the valve adjuster dial in place, use the
valve adjuster handle and loosen the am nut; then rotate the tappet adjuster screw clockwise until friction is feltAlign
the valve adjuster handle with one of the marks on the valve adjuster dialWhile holding the valve adjuster handle in place,
rotate the valve adjuster dial counterclockwise until proper valveltappet clearance is attainedRefer to the appropriate specifications