2006 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 54Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 54

Table of Contents (400 2Remove the negative cable from the battery; then remove the positive cableRemove the battery vent
from the frameClosely observe the note introducing each sub-section for this important information Drain Plug View from Beneath
6Remove the front and rear fender panels (see Section 8)7On VP models, turn the gas tank valve to the OFF position; then
remove the fuel hose and vent hoseOn FIS models, disconnect fuel hose (I), 2, carburetor vent hose () and the fuel pump vacuum
hose (3) from the carburetor B AT THIS POINT If the technician's objective is to servicelreplace left-side cover oil seals
(3), front output joint oil seal (I), rear output joint oil seal (I), andlor the oil strainer (from beneath the engine1 transmission),
the engineltransmission does not have to be removed from the frame Secure the ATV on support stand to elevate the wheels
Isumort stand to avoid iniurv1Remove the seat 8On VP models, remove the gas tank9On VP models, remove the hardware securing
the intake housing to the frame10Disconnect the crankcase vent hose from the air cleaner housingRemove the clamp securing