2006 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 171Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 171

1 NOTE: At this point, oil the camshaft bearings, cam lobes, and the three seating journals on the cylinder 1 NOTE: Note
piston) CCamshaft alignment marks parallel to the valve cover mating surfaceDRecessed side of the sprocket directed toward
the cam lobesECamshaft alignment pin and sprocket alignment hole (smallest) are aligned 13With the alignment pin installed
in the camshaft, loosely place the cam sprocket (with the recessed side facing the camshaft lobes) onto the camshaft and
place it into position with the cam chain over the sprocket If any of the above factors are not as stated, go back to step
13 and carefully proceed 16Place the tab washer onto the sprocket making sure it covers the pin in the alignment hole Camshaft
14Place the C-ring into position in its groove in the cylinder head Alignment Hole Care must be taken that the tab washer
is installed correctly to cover the alignment hole on the sprocketIf the alignment pin falls out, severe 17Apply red Loctite
#271 to the first cap screw securing the sprocket and tab washer to the camshaft; then install the cap screw and tab washerTighten