2006 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 451Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 451

1 NOTE: Pull the bearing ring out of the housing until it contacts the circlip; then slide the ring in half wayThis will
for being correctly positioned on the shaftINSTALLING REAR DRIVE AXLE (Fully Independent Suspension) 1Position the drive
axle in the gear case and steering knuckle; then insert the upper A-arm ball joint into the steering knuckleSecure with cap
screw tightened to specifications2Place the brake hose into position on the upper A-arm; then secure the lower shock eyelet
to the A-arm with cap screw and new lock nutTighten to specifications 1Slide the drive axle into place in the gear case1
NOTE: To assure proper seating of the axle, give it light pull; the axle should remain "clipped" in place 3Secure the tie
rod to the steering knuckle with new lock nutTighten securely; then install and spread new cotter pin4Slide the hub wlbrake
disc into position in the steering knuckle followed by washer and hex nutTighten finger-tight at this time5Install the brake
caliper on the steering knuckleTighten to specifications; then pump up the hand brake lever and engage the brake lever lock6Tighten