2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400 Service Manual, Page 53Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400 Service Manual, Page 53

CleaningInspecting Cylinder Head ! CAUTION The cylinder head studs must be removed for this procedure 1Using non-metallic
head in figure eight motion until uniform bright metallic finish is attained ! CAUTION Water or parts-cleaning solvent must
be used in conjunction with the wet-or-dry sandpaper or damage to the sealing surface may resultATV-1069 Measuring Piston
Skirt Cylinder Clearance Measuring Cylinder Head Distortion 1Measure the cylinder front to back in six places2Measure the
corresponding piston diameter at point 15 mm (0.6 in above the piston skirt at right angle to the piston-pin boreSubtract
this measurement from the measurement in step 1The difference (clearance) must be within specificationsCYLINDERCYLINDER HEAD
ASSEMBLY NOTE: If the cylindercylinder head assembly cannot be trued, they must be replaced 1Remove any carbon buildup in
the combustion chamber2Lay straightedge across the cylinder head; then using feeler gauge, check the distortion factor between