2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400 Service Manual, Page 54Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400 Service Manual, Page 54

CleaningInspecting Cylinder 1Wash the cylinder in parts-cleaning solvent2Inspect the cylinder for pitting, scoring, scuffing,
sealing surface may result Measuring Camshaft Runout NOTE: If the camshaft is out of tolerance, it must be replaced 1Place
the camshaft on set of blocks; then position the dial indicator contact point against the shaft and zero the indicator Inspecting
Cam Chain Guide 1Inspect cam chain guide for cuts, tears, breaks, or chips2If the chain guide is damaged, it must be replacedInspecting
Cylinder 2Rotate the camshaft and note runout; maximum tolerance must not exceed specificationsMeasuring Camshaft Lobe Height
1Using slide gauge and dial indicator or snap gauge, measure the cylinder bore diameter in three locations from top to bottom
and again from top to bottom at 90 from the first measurements for total of six measurementsThe trueness (out-of-roundness)