2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400 Service Manual, Page 61Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400 Service Manual, Page 61

Measuring Connecting Rod (Big End Width) 1Using calipers, measure the width of the connecting rod at the big-end bearing
the crankshaft 4Maximum runout must not exceed specificationsNOTE: Proceed to check runout on the other end of the crankshaft
by positioning the indicator contact at point and following steps 2-4 NOTE: Note the orientation of the four small dogs and
the 1st driven gear for assembling purposes Measuring Crankshaft (Web-to-Web) 3Remove the reverse circlip; then remove the
reverse washer (left side) from the splined shaft4Remove the reverse driven gear from the driveshaft5Remove the reverse driven
bushing; then remove the 5th driven gear from the driveshaft6Remove the 3rd driven gear, bushing, and washer from the driveshaft7Remove
the 4th driven circlip and gear from the driveshaft8In order, remove the 2nd driven circlip, washer, gear, and bushing from