2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400 Service Manual, Page 95Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400 Service Manual, Page 95

Specifications IGNITION Ignition Timing Spark Plug Type Spark Plug Gap Spark Plug Cap Ignition Coil Resistance (primary)
Do not charge the battery while it is in the ATV with the battery terminals connected MAGNETO Magneto Coil Resistance (trigger)
350-670 ohms (green to blue) 0.1-1.5 ohms (brown to brown) 2.0+ volts (green to blue) 14-15.5 DC volts (black test lead to
(-) battery) (red test lead to (+) battery) (charging) Magneto Coil Peak Voltage (trigger) (charging) 3Trickle charge the
battery at 1.5 amps for 5-10 hours ! CAUTION Never exceed the standard charging rate ! CAUTION Before installing the battery,
make sure the ignition switch is in the OFF position Battery The battery is located under the seatThe battery in this ATV
is "sealed" type and does not require any maintenance unless dischargedDistilled water andor electrolyte cannot be added
to the battery 4Place the battery into position in the ATV and secure with the hold-down bracket5Clean the battery posts