2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400 Service Manual, Page 122Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400 Service Manual, Page 122

INSTALLING ! WARNING Do not adjust the spring preload out of the specified range 1Raise the swing-arm and place the shock
Turning the adjuster screws clockwise increases force; turning them counterclockwise decreases force The rear spring preload
is adjustable by changing the spring set lengthUsing the following procedure, adjust the spring1Remove the rear shock absorber;
then secure the shock absorber in suitable holding fixture or vise2Loosen the lock nut (1); then adjust the spring set length
by turning the adjuster (2) Rebound 1Turn the lower damping force adjuster screw fully clockwise SPRING SET LENGTH STANDARD
233 mm (9.17 in MAXIMUM (SOFTEST) 238 mm (9.37 in MINIMUM (STIFFEST) 228.5 mm (9.00 in 2Turn the adjuster 12 turns counterclockwise