2006 Arctic Cat DVX Utility 250 Service Manual, Page 21Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat DVX Utility 250 Service Manual, Page 21

CReverse switch reverse indicator light will illuminateDHiLo switch headlight high beam or low beam will illuminateEBrake
is indexed by passing Phillips screwdriver through the transmission shift arm and into the index hole in the transmission
cover Stop the ATV completely and shift the transmission into the positionThe reverse gear indicator light should be illuminated
! WARNING Never shift the ATV into reverse gear when the ATV is moving as it could cause the ATV to stop suddenly throwing
the operator from the ATV FrameWeldsRacks The frame, welds, and racks should be checked periodically for damage, bends, cracks,
deterioration, broken components, and missing componentsIf replacement or repair constitutes removal, see Section 8 If the
reverse gear indicator light does not illuminate when shifted to the reverse position, the switch may be faulty, the fuse