2006 Arctic Cat DVX Utility 250 Service Manual, Page 54Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat DVX Utility 250 Service Manual, Page 54

Honing Cylinder 1Using slide gauge and dial indicator or snap gauge, measure the cylinder bore diameter in three locations
60 cross-hatch pattern, use low RPM drill (600 RPM) at the rate of 30 strokes per minuteIf honing oil is not available, use
lightweight petroleum-based oilThoroughly clean cylinder after honing using soap and hot waterDry with compressed air; then
immediately apply oil to the cylinder boreIf the bore is severely damaged or gouged, replace the cylinder ! WARNING During
the disassembling procedure, continuous backward pressure must be exerted on the reel so it does not accidentally unwind
and cause injury 2Rotate the reel clockwise until the notch of the reel is near the rope guide in the caseGuide the rope
into the notch and slowly allow the reel to unwind until all spiral spring tension is released ! CAUTION During the disassembling
procedure, make sure all spring tension is released before continuing 3Remove the cap screwAccount for the ratchet guide,