2006 Arctic Cat DVX Utility 250 Service Manual, Page 72Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat DVX Utility 250 Service Manual, Page 72

3Lubricate the inside wall of the cylinder; then using ring compressor or the fingers, compress the rings and slide the cylinder
keeping tension on the cam chain, place the front cam chain guide into the cylinder 8With the index hole in the camshaft
gear directed away from the cylinder head and the two punch marks aligned with the cylinder head surface, install the timing
gear into the cam chain and seat the crankshaft into the camshaft journals ! CAUTION Care should be taken that the bottom
of the chain guide is secured in the crankcase boss 6Place the head gasket into position on the cylinderPlace the alignment
pins into position; then place the head assembly into position on the cylinder making sure the cam chain is routed through
the chain cavity ! CAUTION Keep tension on the cam chain to avoid damaging the crankcase boss 9Install the two alignment