2006 Arctic Cat DVX Utility 250 Service Manual, Page 113Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat DVX Utility 250 Service Manual, Page 113

INSTALLING 1Raise the swing-arm and place the shock absorber in position; then install the upper and lower cap screws and
adjust the spring1Loosen the lock nut (1)Adjust the spring preload by turning the adjuster (2) clockwise to increase spring
preload or counterclockwise to decrease spring preload 2Tighten the lock nut securelyKM568A Swing Arm NOTE: Critical torque
specifications are located in Section 10 5Remove the axle housing (see Section 6)6Remove the brake hose guide clamp REMOVING
AND DISASSEMBLING For the Utility model, see Rear Drive Axle in Section 6For the DVX model, use the following procedure1Secure
the ATV on support stand to elevate the wheels and to release load on the suspension ! WARNING Make sure the ATV is solidly
supported on the support stand to avoid injury 7Remove the swing-arm pivot nut; then remove the swing-arm pivot flange bolt