2006 Arctic Cat Y-6/Y-12 50cc and 90cc Service Manual, Page 5Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat Y-6/Y-12 50cc and 90cc Service Manual, Page 5

10Store the ATV indoors in level position Preparation For Storage ! CAUTION Prior to storing the ATV, it must be properly
air filter and housing cover Preparation After Storage Taking the ATV out of storage and correctly preparing it will assure
many miles and hours of troublefree ridingArctic Cat recommends the following procedure to prepare the ATV1Clean the ATV
thoroughly2Clean the engine3Remove the cloth from the exhaust system4Check all control wires and cables for signs of wear
or frayingReplace if necessary5Change the transmission lubricant6Charge the battery; then installConnect the battery cables
making sure to connect the positive cable first7Check the entire brake system (cables, shoes, etc, and all controlsAdjust
or replace if necessary8Check the tire pressureInflate to recommended pressure as necessary9Tighten all nuts, bolts, cap
screws, and screws making sure all calibrated nuts, cap screws, and bolts are tightened to specifications10Make sure the
steering moves freely and does not bind11Check the spark plugClean or replace as necessary ! CAUTION If the interior of the