2006 Arctic Cat Y-6/Y-12 50cc and 90cc Service Manual, Page 8Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat Y-6/Y-12 50cc and 90cc Service Manual, Page 8

Battery This maintenance-free battery requires periodic charging to prevent sulfidingIf the ATV will be idle for extended
lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harmWash hands after
handling ! CAUTION Connecting cables in reverse (positive to negative and negative to positive) can cause serious damage
to the electrical system The battery is located beneath the seatIf the battery is discharged, remove the battery from the
ATV and charge the battery at the standard charging rate of 1.5 amps for 10 hours The main (7 amp) fuse is located on the
frame near the battery under the seatNOTE: To remove the fuse, compress the locking tabs on either side of the fuse case
and lift out ! WARNING Anytime service is performed on battery, the following must be observed: Keep sparks, open flame,
cigarettes, or any other flame awayAlways wear safety glassesProtect skin and clothing when handling batteriesWhen servicing
battery in enclosed space, keep the area well-ventilated If there is any type of electrical system failure, always check