2006 Arctic Cat Y-6/Y-12 50cc and 90cc Service Manual, Page 19Get this manual

2006 Arctic Cat Y-6/Y-12 50cc and 90cc Service Manual, Page 19

NOTE: Always compress the hydraulic brake lever several times to check that the brakes are firmIf the brakes are not firm,
long periods of timeAfter the completion of the break-in period, the engine oil should be changedOther maintenance after
break-in should include checking of all prescribed adjustments and tightening of all fasteners BLEEDING To bleed the brake
system, use the following procedure1Remove the brake fluid reservoir cover and fill the reservoir with DOT Brake Fluid (pn
1639-799)2Install and secure the cover3Remove the protective cap from the bleed screw and connect one end of clear hose to
the bleed screw and direct the other end into suitable container Replacing Drive Belt REMOVING 1Remove the eight Phillips-head
cap screws and four cap screws securing the footrest cover to the footrest and front and rear fenders; then remove footrest
cover2Remove the cooling duct3Remove the eight cap screws securing the drive clutch cover; then remove the coverAccount for
gasket and two alignment pinsAF637D 4Slowly compress the brake lever several times; then while holding slight pressure on