2007 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel ATV Service Manual, Page 16Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel ATV Service Manual, Page 16

Shift Lever CHECKING ADJUSTMENT 4Rotate the shift rod until the shifter is directly aligned with the Neutral position on
be illuminated ! WARNING Never shift the ATV into reverse gear when the ATV is moving as it could cause the ATV to stop suddenly
throwing the operator from the ATV If the reverse light does not illuminate when shifted to the reverse position, the switch
may be faulty, the fuse may be blown, the bulb may be faulty, connection may be loose or corroded, or the lever may need
adjustingTo adjust, proceed to Adjusting Shift LeverADJUSTING SHIFT LEVER 1Place the shift lever in the position; then remove
the seat and left-side engine cover2Loosen the jam nut at the front of the shifter linkage; then remove the E-clip securing
the shifter linkage to the shift arm Electrical Connections The electrical connections should be checked periodically for
proper functionIn case of an electrical failure, check fuses, connections (for tightness, corrosion, damage), andor bulbsIf
an electrical component needs to be tested for proper function, see Section 5 Hydraulic Brake Systems CHECKINGBLEEDING The