2007 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel ATV Service Manual, Page 114Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel ATV Service Manual, Page 114

Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) SwitchThermistor The ECT switchthermistor is two-function deviceOne side is normally open,
the glow plugs in the pre-combustion chambers to aid in cold startingHeating time is determined by the ECT thermistor signal
and will vary from seconds (warm engine) to approximately 30 seconds (cold engine)NOTE: The glow plug controllerrelay is
not serviceable componentTo test the controllerrelay, use the following procedure 2Connect one meter lead to the base of
the switchthermistor and the other meter lead to the switch pinWith the meter in the OHMS position, the meter should read
an open circuit 1Using an appropriate multimeter, select DC Volts and connect the black (-) tester lead to the black (85)
wire and the red (+) tester lead to the redorange (30) wireThe meter must read battery voltageIf no battery voltage is present,
check the connection at the starter relay2Connect the red tester lead to the whiteblue (87) wire and momentarily turn the
ignition switch to the ON positionThe meter should read battery voltage for up to 30 seconds; then drop to zero3Connect the