2007 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel ATV Service Manual, Page 123Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel ATV Service Manual, Page 123

Fuel Solenoid The fuel solenoid is used in conjunction with the ignition switch to control fuel flow from the lift pump to
Charging unstable Condition 1Battery connections loose or corroded 2Alternator belt loose 3Alternatorregulator failing 1Clean
and tighten connections 2Tightenreplace belt 3Replace alternator assembly Problem: Starter button not effective Condition
1Battery charge low 2Switch contacts defective 3Starter solenoid defective 4Starter relay defective 5Emergency stopignition
switch off 6Wiring connections loosedisconnected 1Chargereplace battery 2Replace switch 3Replace starter assembly 4Replace
relay 5Turn on switches 6Connecttightenrepair connections Problem: Battery discharges too rapidly Condition 1Battery sulfided
2Electrical system excessively loaded 3Charging system not charging 1Replace battery 2Reduce load 3Replace alternatortighten
alternator belt Problem: Battery polarity reversed Condition 1Battery incorrectly connected 1Reverse connectionsreplace batteryrepair